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Mark Adam Thomas was born in Sacramento, California and lives there still. In high school, he was forced to read The Hobbit, and fell in love with fantasy fiction. Some may say that to this day he still dreams of illusive magic rings and knows the value of home and a proper meal.  When not voicing characters with friends as they roll dice and slay imaginary dragons, Mark earned a degree in Theatre from California State University, Sacramento, where he honed his character acting skills and learned to build little models and design worlds on the stage.  
A personal setback and the end of a failed marriage opened the doors for many other endeavors. He still held dear his gaming friends, and to this day runs a 20 year campaign set in a world of his own design. It was the role-playing (and the fantasizing), that set his mind on the path to writing. Voraciously devouring as many books on writing as possible, Mark added to his college love of literature and began building a fantasy world unlike any he’d read before. 
As was his habit, one day during the summer of 2006, Mark was in a small bookstore perusing the writing section while on a day trip, and he discovered a little book called No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty (the founder of National Novel Writing Month).  That November he wrote his first 50,000 words, and one atrocious novel. 
That NaNo novel, Apprentice Bound, remains on his hard drive in draft form. So do five other drafts, begun in November, and remain unfinished. This year, health willing, will see the fruition of the final revision of Kestrel Creed and the Febrile Felon, a historical fantasy/supernatural adventure/horror novel.